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Secretary General Supreme Court E mail Id

                                                    (as on 21.01.2022) SUPREME COURT OF INDIA  TELEPHONE LIST OF OFFICERS, BRANCHES ETC. LD SECRETARY GENERAL OFFICE Name of the Officer Designation/Office Secretary General 23384661 SG Secretariat 23385046 (as on 21.01.2022) SUPREME COURT OF INDIA  TELEPHONE LIST OF OFFICERS, BRANCHES ETC. LD SECRETARY GENERAL OFFICE Name of the Officer Designation/Office Secretary General 23384661 SG Secretariat 23385046

Indore Police ने मौत का मामला दबाया, आरोपी पेनल्टी भरकर दो मिनट मे छूटा

ASHIRWAD   शराब की दुकान मे आग लगी और एक बॉडी मिली पर मामला बनाया की पुलिस की अनुमति के बिना नौकर रखा। FIR में आग और मौत का कोई जिक्र नहीं Indore Police Suppressed Investigation In Death At Liqour Shop Fire At MR10 SHOP WAS OPERATING WITHOUT FIRE NOC AND IN UNAUTHORISED STRUCTURE.  Police not registered case as per IPC 420,308,337,etc Only Section 188 IPC case Registered With Different Facts सी.एम. हेल्पलाइन - शिकायत विवरणी जन हेतु - जन सेतु शिकायत क्रमांक 16351170 दिनांक - 08/01/2022 विभाग का नाम पुलिस शिकायत कर्ता का नाम SK Shrivastava पता  GANESH NAGAR CHOWK, THANE 421202 फोन न. XXXXXXX636, XXXXXXX636 जिला इन्दौर क्षेत्र क्षेत्र/अनुभाग : न.पु.अ. परदेशीपुरा इन्दौर, क्षेत्र/थाना : हीरानगर शिकायत का प्रारूप आरोपियों की शीघ्र गिरफ़्तारी न करना / पक्षकारो पर समझौते, राजीनामा के लिए दबाव डालने सम्बन्धी (पुलिस) शिकायत का विवरण 24 March 19 को इंदौर शहर में एमआर 10 पर स्थित एक शराब की दुकान में रविवार सुबह भीषण आग लग गई। आग से दो लोगों की मौत की बात सामने आ रही है

Mumbai CMM MM All Courts VC Request Email Id:Online hearing

  Mumbai: Litigants and advocates can request for VC to all MM courts across Mumbai on emails. IT staff will arrange VC for that litigants. Email should be done one day in advance. All the courts have camera and software on Dias as per e court project. State has made arrangements with hundreds of cr rupees. Litigants can call CMM court IT team for help Mr Prakash 93211 41151. He will provide you court wise staff IT persons number. At Madhya Pradesh all district courts have VC facilities . Litigants has to call IT persons for VC at district courts or JMFC. 

Mumbai 71 Bandra Court Clerk Denying Affirmation After 4 pm

  जबरदस्ती काम नही करते ज्यूडिशियल क्लर्क। मजिस्ट्रेट के नाम से पब्लिक को बेवकूफ बनाते हैं Mumbai: 71st MM court Bandra affirmation lady judicial clerk is denying affirmation after 4 pm. When a person gone for affirmation at 3 pm she pointed defects . After defects removal when he went then she kept application and asked him to come after 2 days. She denied to do affirmation as Magistrate Ms PB Yerlakar denied affirm to do affirmation after 4 pm. When copy order demanded then she kept silent . At the same time she was doing affirmation for advocate. She might be getting commission from few advocates so she was doing duty. At other courts of Mumbai affirmation is done till 5 pm and courts are accepting applications till court hours. The corruption is high at Bandra in the name of workload . Complaint against her is registered with demand of tranfer. 

Mumbai Municipal Çhild Name Change Form


E filing MP Court: Advocate & Parties can take printout of E filed Documents from Court ......Free Of Cost.....No Charges Can Be Asked.

  As per Para 17 (1) The Parties can take print out of efiling petition and submit it to court for process. No charges can be collected from advocates and paries for printout. E filing

CRPC 156 : Magistrate Has Power To Change Investigation Officer In FIR

सीआरपीसी १५६ में मजिस्ट्रेट को एफआईआर जांच अधिकारी बदलने का अधिकार है  Cr.P.C. S.156(3): Magistrate can direct registration of F.I.R., recommend to the SSP/SP to change the I.O. if necessary:  In view of the aforesaid broad consensus amongst the counsel for the various parties, it is not necessary for us to go deeper into the relevant issue of law as to whether the earlier order of this Court dated April 12, 2010 warranted registering of F.I.R. by the police before commencing investigation. But we would like to only indicate in brief the law on this subject expressly stated by this Court in the case of Mohd. Yousuf versus Afaq Jahan (Smt.) and another, (2006) 1 SCC 627 : (AIR 2006 SC 705). This Court explained that registration of an F.I.R. involves only the process of recording the substance of information relating to commission of any cognizable offence in a book kept by the officer incharge of the concerned police station. In paragraph 11 of the aforementioned case, the law was furt

Contempt Case Against Judge Magistrate If Not Following Law : Contempt Of Own Court

  JUDICIAL OFFICER CONTEMPT OF OWN COURT   16. Contempt by judge, magistrate or other person acting judicially. ? (1) Subject to the provisions of any law for the time being in force, a judge, magistrate or other person acting judicially shall also be liable for contempt of his own court or of any other court in the same manner as any other individual is liable and the provisions of this Act shall, so far as may be, apply accordingly. (2) Nothing in this section shall apply to any observations or remarks made by a judge, magistrate or other person acting judicially, regarding a subordinate court in an appeal or revision pending before such judge, magistrate or the person against the order or judgment of the subordinate court. PARA 30-39 Contempt proceedings against Judicial Officer are maintainable. Baba Abdul Khan v. Smt. A.D. Sawant. J.M.F.C., Nagpur and other, 1994 Cir.L.J. 2836 (Bom.) 31. The jurisdiction to make an order for contempt is

HOW TO DEAL WITH FALSE CASES AND FIR ...... अगर कोई झूठी FIR लिखवा दे तो क्या करना चाहिए, जान लो शायद काम आ जाए |

  FILE CONTEMPT AND OTHER CASE IN FALSE FIR ....THEY WILL SURRENDER Call 9702*859*636 FOR HELP One of the most agonising ways of police harassment is implicating innocent people in false cases. In this article, for the sake of legal rigour and correctness of my conclusions, I have based my inferences on cases where the malicious prosecution of victims was conclusively established by the Supreme Court or high court. As such, I am not commenting on the recent spate of arrests made in connection with various agitations, as there is no judicial pronouncement on them yet. Usual methods by which cops abuse their powers of investigation  The legal concept of malicious prosecution has been discussed at great length by a division bench of the SC in West Bengal State Electricity Board vs Dilip Kumar Ray (2006). The Law Commission’s 277th report speaks of wrongful prosecutions to include malicious prosecutions and prosecutions instituted without good faith. For the latter, relying upon the SC’s j