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SEBI Is Hiding Adani-Hindenburg Investigation Team Details - RTI

 SEBI OFFICERS HAVE RISK TO LIFE THREAT IN ADANI CASE Mumbai: SEBI has been directed by Supreme court to do investigation of Adani Hindenburg case as per SEBI act 1992  As per law SEBI board appoints adjudicating officer as per SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (PROCEDURE FOR HOLDING INQUIRY AND IMPOSING PENALTIES BY ADJUDICATING OFFICER) RULES, 1995. The officer  has power to investigate the irregularities and impose penalty as per section 15 and 24 of SEBI act . The details of adjudicating officers and types of investigation and final report is public documents . SEBI denied to provide information about the adjudicating officers and investigation team members in an RTI reply . They also not provided email ID and contact number of investigation team . SEBI denied it under section 8 of RTI act 2005. People will never know the officers or team details which are probing Adani Hindenburg case.  SEBI also not cal

NSE Is Listed With Many Bogus Companies Shares !

  फर्जी कंपनियों से भरा पड़ा है नेशनल स्टॉक एक्सचेंज! करोड़ों में ट्रेडिंग हो रही है इन फर्जी लिस्टेड कंपनीज की ! बिना नियम पालन किए NSE ने उनको LIST कर दिया..... COMPLAINT SENT TO SEBI CHAIRMAN  BUT ACTION AGAINST SUCH LISTED COMPANIES AS PER SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (PROCEDURE FOR HOLDING INQUIRY AND IMPOSING PENALTIES BY ADJUDICATING OFFICER) RULES, 1995 Mumbai: National stock exchange is listed with many non SEBI Listing compliance companies and trading volume in each shares counts crores. When complaint is registered with documentary evidences In Smart ODR then NSE says that the company is listed with direct listing procedure. Direct listing means if one company is listed with any exchange then NSE don't check it's compliance document and list it with NSE.  NSE is not checking compliance details of company which is against interest of investors. Why NSE encouraging non SEBI compliance companies? It means that some body has murdered a person then another has t

Chhattisgarh CG Police Official Mobile numbers

    S.N.   Name   Designation Office   Cell/ Mobile No. Code Number DGP Office, PHQ, Raipur 1 Shri Ashok Juneja DGP 0771 2221100 94791- 90444 0771 2211201 2 Shri Bhagwati Singh PRO (DGP) 0771 2511850 - Intelligence 3 Dr. Aanand Chhabra IG, Intelligence 0771 2436525 94252- 58168 0771 2436200(F) - 4 Shri Abhishek Maheshwari AIG (Intelligence)     90986- 73147 5 Shri M.L. Kotwani AIG (Intelligence) 0771 2436526 94252- 34323 P&P/Technical Services/Telecom/Traffic/Rail/Cyber/CCTNS/Dial 112