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Criminal Case Against Lilavatibai Podar High School For Fake ICSE Board Operation

  Mumbai: Criminal case to register FIR against LilavatiBai Podar High School , Santacruz for operating fake government recognize ICSE and ISC Board has been filed at 71 MM court Bandra . The School management and CISCE claim that the Board is recognize by state and Union of India. But as per RTI reply Maharashtra and HRD ministry denied such recognition . Their claim is fake and fraud with innocent student which is offence under law. A education board is established by act or executive order. Nothing is passed in favour of CISCE and CISCE accepted in a high court that it is only society . Santacruz police has not responded the complaint to register FIR under IPC 420,120B,467,471,34 etc so criminal complaint to register FIR is filed with 71 MM court Bandra to direct police to register FIR . The certificate of ICSE and ISC has no value in the eye of law and many state denied recognition in RTI reply . Maharashtra , Delhi and MP denied recognition to ICSE and ISC Board. CISCE is cheating

Corruption Case Filed Against SEBI Chairperson ,Whole Time Directors and BSE Officials At ACB CBI Court Mumbai

  भ्रष्टाचार में लिप्त है सेबी के अधिकारी , शिकायत दबाने में माहिर है।  बड़ी कंपनी के हितो की रक्षा करते है और इन्वेस्टर्स की अनदेखी। सब कमाने और खाने में लगे है और छोटे लोगो पर ही केस दायर करते है......... Mumbai: Corruption case against SEBI and BSE top officials filed at Corruption court under CRPC 156(3) by E Filing at Sessions court Mumbai. Investor has invested in Cals refineries LTD Shares Listed at BSE .The company done some irregularities and SFIO inquiry is in process. The trading also stopped by SEBI in this script. As per BSE record the Cals Refineries LTD listed on 12 Dec 1994  without SEBI compliance . The SEBI passed circular on 18 June 1992 that no issue can be listed at registered exchanges without SEBI compliance . The Cals Refineries listed at BSE without SEBI consent . Due to this fraud investor filed complaint before Scores , SEBI chairperson and WTD Officials of SEBI to take action as per section 15 HA Of SEBI Act 1992 against Cals Refineries and BSE Management. Th

Contempt Case Against SEBI Chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch Rejected By SEBI Court Mumbai

  Mumbai : SEBI Court Mumbai rejected the contempt case filed against SEBI chairman Madhabi Puri Buch as per para 3 Of SC lalita kumari order . As per Para 3 the Magistrate has to take action against delinquent police officers who fail to take action in cognizable offence. During the hearing SEBI Judge Shri AA Kulkarni asked petitioner to withdraw the petition or cost will be imposed. The Petitioner said that approaching court is not a crime and cost cannot be imposed if judge is not satisfied with the legal submission of a party . Petitioner also said to the court that as per SC if cost will be imposed to litigants then they will approach goons for justice. During the hearing judge said that the SEBI provisions are civil in nature and  SEBI officers are not police officers. Court refuse to give one day time to counter the objections of SEBI court. Petitioner submitted that 71 MM Court Bandra says that for FIR under 15HA SEBI act 1992 you have to approach SEBI court. Petitioner also gi